How To Become A Dentist

A dentist is someone who focuses on oral hygiene, mostly around the teeth and gums, and focus on preventive measures for cavities and missing teeth. It sounds easy, right? Well, the education to become a dentist is anything but simple.

Four years of dental training and an undergraduate degree are needed for being a general dentist, and more training is needed to specialize in orthodontics, surgery, or other branches of dentistry. But no matter what they do, they live up to very high standards.

Oral hygiene and those who care for it have to be taken seriously, but the high income that a Brooklyn dentist, or a dentist most anywhere in the US, earns certainly makes up for it.

How to start on the journey

Prospective students must complete an undergraduate program, and while this degree can be in anything, many students who wish to pursue dentistry as a full-time career often choose a dentistry/science related major.

Then, a five hour and 280 question Dental Acceptance Test must be passed. The test has questions on reading, natural science, and reasoning, and has a maximum score of 30 points. Being an overachiever can also help with getting a high score and getting into a top school.

Finally, enrolling in a dental school and area of study, along with qualifying for a license, are the last steps and then the path to being a dentist is complete! Enrolling for a license often means passing two more exams overseen by the state’s board of dentistry. 

Brooklyn dentist

So many options

From there, a dentist can open up their own practice, apply to work under a mentor, and even become a specialized dentist rather than just a general one. The options, education, and income are all there for those willing to seize it.